Something in the Way He Needs (Family #1)

Something in the Way He Needs (Family #1) - Cardeno C. Asher the so called respected and in-control, although tough, Dom crossed too many lines with Daniel during the melodramatic BDSM club scene.

Daniel was totally ignorant of BDSM play rules and the club scene. He hadn't even been to the club before. Asher had no right to hand Daniel over for sex to Nicholas. Even though they did not have a formal D/s agreement, Asher and Daniel had agreed to have a closed relationship. No way does this compare to Daniel not telling Asher about his music background.

Like another reviewer wrote, this is like an old style bodice ripper romance - the H is abusive to the h and they have instant love and HEA. Geez, this author needs to show her readers some respect!

I loved the sexual and relationship buildup. Asher's jealousy was even tolerable especially since he did not have experience with relationships outside of the club. But as a reader I totally lost all respect for the Asher character after the club scene and felt he was not able to redeem himself. I immediately lost interest in the book. What was the author thinking?