Nowhere Ranch

Nowhere Ranch - Heidi Cullinan Book took a wrong turn 2/3 way - so disappointed that I had to write a review. H/h were building a hot sizzling m/m relationship developing trust, support and D/s sex. Author then inserts platonic female character who changes the relationship - gives academic support to h, sets protective limits with his estranged family and pushes H&h to adopt her baby. H gets moved out of focus in the relationship by the end of the book. And even more disgusting, the h suddenly becomes a stay at home mom after playing a pivotal role on the ranch - never saw that in h's character. Also, H had a playroom full of BDSM equipment and that was never fully developed. And what happened to their BDSM sex life - that kind of sex life doesn't disappear overnight? Totally weird ending which ruined the H/h relationship.