Training Season

Training Season - Leta Blake This book is 99 cents on Amazon and even though I read the reviews I thought what the hey I'll buy it. I got really pissed. I hate getting sucked into a book then stupid shit happens that makes me hate the characters and the damn book. So shame on me for not listening to the reviews.

Loved Manty's femme gay and quick wit and banter.
Loved his figure skating dream and obsession.
Loved his training regimen and focus.

Loved Rob's laid back personality and personal and work families.
Hated his lack of BDSM safe practices and expertise. Rob was really a sadist.
Hated his immature acting son.

Loved author's initial story line.
Hated that author dragged book out too much in the middle to where it became boring and repetitive. Even the sex was boring.
Hated that author wrapped up both Manty's and Bob's self epiphanies and resolutions in the last 2 chapters when she spent the whole book building them up - the reason why Manty wasn't winning medals and Ben wasn't into ranching.
Hated how the author created an unrealistic timeline with Rob becoming a registered PT in 2 years - what happened to PT school and residency?
Hated how author separated them and then threw them back together for a quick weak HEA. It made me lose my reading groove with this book.

Don't care to read any more books by this author. Poor ending and ignorant BDSM.